Maintenance & Repair

Maintenance & Repair

WastePartners performs integral maintenance (chassis and superstructure) and brand-independent maintenance on all types of vehicles in the waste and recycling industry.


Maintenance & Repair

All of the work – from minor repairs and maintenance to brake-cleaning or more extensive projects – is carried out professionally and efficiently by competent WastePartners technicians. We use state-of-the-art diagnostic systems to locate faults.
Our technicians are factory-certified experts. And because our WastePartner technicians also follow the product training courses of the manufacturers, they always have the exact knowledge required for every brand of vehicle.

Construction work

Equipment and vehicle modifications (at the customer’s request) are daily business for WastePartners. Whether it involves a one-off adjustment or serial modifications, our technicians always get the job done properly. And by using smart production routing for larger series, they keep the downtime of your equipment to a minimum.
WastePartners also quickly and professionally integrates all the common communication and navigation-related equipment.


Besides conducting the statutory APK and Tachograph inspections, we also inspect the safety of equipment.

Damage repair

Besides routine maintenance, we also repair any damage to your fleet. From minor to major damage, we solve the problem for you.


If your equipment is ready for the next phase of life – from sewer truck to compactor superstructure or support equipment – in consultation with you we draw up a plan, map out the financial consequences and perform the overhaul ourselves.

Service contracts

Together with you, WastePartners would be happy to draw up a maintenance plan for your fleet that includes planning and budget specifications. We can then present you with a choice of different maintenance concepts. This includes the option of a full-service contract. We provide you with clear and unambiguous management reports that present the running costs in a transparent way. Our goal is to jointly achieve optimal availability and minimum running costs for your vehicle.

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